Conversations with Innovators in Learning and Technology: E. Jane Davidson

Fred W. Baker recently interviewed me for this fun little article in TechTrends.

We talk about how I got into evaluation; how evaluation helps people create and track change; and what kind of work I’m doing these days.

Here’s a free downloadable version of the paper (the final version is online but behind a paywall unless your library has a subscription).



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Download from the UNICEF Office of Research site (brief #4)

Evaluative Reasoning (UNICEF Methodological Brief)

Jane authored this methodological brief for the UNICEF Office of Research’s Impact Evaluation Series.

Evaluative reasoning is the process of synthesizing evidence with definitions of quality and value to generate answers to real evaluation questions.

Download this report for free from the UNICEF Office of Research site (scroll down to find Methodological Brief #4) –>




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