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Available now: Rubric-Enhanced Evaluation

Rubric-Enhanced Evaluation - a bite-sized online learning offering from Jane Davidson

Learn how evaluation rubrics can help you capture the hard-to-measure, make your findings succinct and actionable, and ultimately, make the important measurable.

Check out what’s covered, and sample the free preview snippets on the course website.

If you (or your colleagues) have never had the opportunity to attend one of Jane’s workshops, or if you just need a refresher on Jane’s nuggets of rubric wisdom, here’s your chance!


Coming soon: “But what does it all look like in a real evaluation?”

It’s the most frequent request I get from workshop participants. You may have learned about these methodologies in separate chunks, but what does it look like when they come together in a real evaluation?

Join us for a case-based learning experience, where Thomaz Chianca and I will take you for a dive into the details using our recently completed retrospective impact evaluation of Save the Children’s first child sponsorship-funded community development work in Ethiopia (2002-2010).

Join us for a behind-the-scenes, practical exploration of how to use and combine:

  1.   Qualitative and mixed method causal inference;
  2.   Rubrics methodology developed and used in the field with and by our local partners;
  3.   A utilization-focused framework using actually evaluative evaluation questions as the guide;
  4.   Evaluating sustainment and sustainability;
  5.   How to get approximate answers to the Value for Investment question without breaking the budget; and
  6.   “Zero head scratching” dataviz and reporting.

This set of bite-sized offerings is a collaboration between Thomaz Chianca, Jane Davidson, and Chris Lysy (who also worked with Jane to put together the Rubric-Enhanced Evaluation course above).

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These are the first of many online learning offerings, so stay tuned!

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