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Looking for some practical help to translate an evaluation approach, methodology, or concept into action? 

Real Evaluation is excited to bring you an exciting hand-picked line-up of top-notch experts.

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Here’s the current line-up and a sample of their areas of expertise:

Coach Areas of Expertise


Dr. Jane Davidson

framing your evaluation for maximum clarity

evaluation-specific methodology (esp. rubrics, synthesis)

theory-driven needs assessment

mixed method causal inference

straight-to-the-point evaluation reporting

evaluation-driven whole-systems change

Dr. Michael Scriven

needs assessment

evaluating the ethicality of programs and policies

moving evaluation logic into new areas

common fallacies about evaluation

the checklist approach to evaluation

ways to teach evaluation

Dr. Katrina Bledsoe

equity-based, transformative evaluation

culturally responsive approaches

working with communities

mixed-method theory-driven evaluation

strengthening community capacity

Dr. Thomaz Chianca

commissioning and managing relevant evaluations

evaluation-specific methodology

evaluation design for international development and private social investment

Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish

Kataraina Pipi

using TetraMap as an evaluation framework

using the PATH planning tool for evaluation-driven community change and evaluation

collaborative and rubric-guided evaluation with indigenous communities

Languages: English, Maori

Dr. Jennifer Mersman

using applied research designs to answer evaluative questions

survey and instrument design

data analysis

evaluating organizational culture and performance

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