Evaluative Reasoning (UNICEF Methodological Brief)Download from the UNICEF Office of Research site (brief #4)

Jane authored this methodological brief for the UNICEF Office of Research’s Impact Evaluation Series.

Evaluative reasoning is the process of synthesizing evidence with definitions of quality and value to generate answers to real evaluation questions.

Download this report for free from the UNICEF Office of Research site (scroll down to find Methodological Brief #4) –>


Bringing Deep Learning to Life – The story behind the development of the Suite of Tools for New Pedagogies for Deep Learning: A Global Partnership

Why memorize facts when you can look them up on your phone in a few seconds? Gone are the days of teaching and learning as an exercise in memorization and recall!

So, what do young people need from their education? Answer: the 6 C’s: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, Character, and Citizenship.

How do you measure these as learning outcomes? Standardized tests won’t cut it!
Answer: the Deep Learning Progressions

What do the New Pedagogies look like that bring Deep Learning to life?

What do schools and the wider education systems look like in order to support this new approach?

Free download: Read about the thinking behind the Suite of Tools developed for NPDL, an effort led by Joanne McEachen and Jane Davidson, and powered with Real Evaluative Thinking.

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