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Making the Important Measurable, Not the Measurable Important:

How Authentic Mixed Method Assessment helps unlock student potential — and tracks what really matters.

Read the title and subtitle carefully. Give yourself a moment to take in what is being promised. This book delivers fully on the promise in the title — and does so with insight, clarity, deep knowledge of the issues involved, methodological sophistication, cutting edge analysis, and actionable solutions. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

— Michael Quinn Patton
Author of Qualitative Research & Evaluation Methods, 4th ed


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 Actionable Evaluation Basics

Avoid getting lost in indicators, measures, and analysis methods; use this succinct guide to get clear, well-reasoned, insightful answers to the most important questions.

This easy-to-read, informative minibook provides an overview of the six elements essential for actionable evaluation, as covered in Dr. Jane Davidson’s popular workshops on Actionable Evaluation.

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