Bite-Sized Evaluation Tool

“One of the best guides to evaluation I’ve read. Jane really has a way of getting straight to the nuts and bolts of strategic evaluation. She practices what she preaches. She’s clear, succinct, and relevant. This is such a small investment for such a great resource.”

— Natalie Fisher

“What a wonderful resource for future, new, and practicing evaluators alike! I love Jane Davidson’s approach — grounded in the real world but integrating strong standards and modern considerations. I plan to use this text to supplement a more traditional text when I teach a program design and evaluation course next year and I have a feeling my students are going to enjoy this text best, especially considering the value for such a low cost. It doesn’t get more accessible than this!”

— Kimberly Firth

“I’m already fairly well read in the evaluation field, but I found Dr. Davidson’s kindle handbook very useful nonetheless. The first few chapters on what an “actionable” evaluation entails would be superb for sharing with clients to whom the actual practice of evaluation is new and/or daunting. The second half of the book contains a small handful of very useful models any evaluator could use or adapt. In particular, Dr. Davidson’s discussion of the differences between indicators and rubrics would be exceptionally helpful to use as background to any project demanding indicators (alone). Well worth the investment — with the advantage that one can carry it around in one’s mobile device for ease of reference!”

— AnnJanette Rosga