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Access a range of free and low-cost options to enhance your understanding and application of Real Evaluation concepts, tools, and skills. Test your understanding using interactive review modules.

Complete a learning module on a specific topic (e.g., intro to evaluation, commissioning, causal inference, rubrics).

Currently under construction: Developing high-level questions to guide your whole evaluation (and avoid getting lost in the details). To get updates about when this new e-learning package becomes available, join the mailing list now!

Also coming soon: Join a focused discussion with Jane on a topic of interest, or for new evaluators. Get Jane’s advice on your own projects and learn from her responses to others.

Available now: Get one-to-one (or, team-to-one) advice and support to work through a project as you do it. All the guidance you need to do a great job, navigate the challenges, and build confidence and capability.

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