coaching: evaluation reporting that cuts to the chase

How soul-destroying is it to put all that effort into a really interesting evaluation but then find that the report ends up in File 13, or being used as a doorstop?

Let’s face it. Long, technical reports are better at curing insomnia than enlightening clients. But that phonebook-sized tome is exactly the kind of thing we are taught to write in graduate school!

What would it be worth to absolutely blow your clients’ minds with an evaluation report that not only cuts to the chase; it’s utterly unforgettable. Better still, they will be virtually begging you to take on their next project!

That’s right; it’d be pure GOLD!

This awesome coaching package brings you the ‘dream team’ – Jane Davidson and Stephanie Evergreen – for evaluation that seriously gets to the point and conveys it brilliantly!

Jane and Stephanie will share their top tips for how to do awesome reporting that blows stakeholders’ minds with its clarity and insight. Asking the right questions and conveying the answers in a memorable way to spur action.

Jane will help you ‘unlearn’ some of the worst habits we’ve learned from the social sciences that are absolutely killing our ability to make great sense and deliver the value we should be. She’ll show you how to structure and craft your reports and presentations around delivering direct, straight-to-the-point answers to high-level questions.

Stephanie will help you shine your work with her expertise in a data visualization and communication. She pulls from peer-reviewed research to guide the way you present your key findings so that they are visually memorable and will ‘stick’ in the minds of clients. Everything from graphs and diagrams to fonts and report layout.

Together Jane and Stephanie will turn you into a reporting powerhouse! Your clients will absolutely love your new ability to cut through the ‘noise’ and deliver clear answers in presentations and reports that are visually appealing and truly a breath of fresh air.

Sign up now for a six month Evaluation Reporting That Cuts to the Chase package! You will get:

  • productive, cut-to-the-chase half-hour calls, some with Jane, some with Stephanie. You’ll have 26 calls to use with either coach as and when you need over a 6-month period, by phone or Skype
  • Jane’s Actionable Evaluation Basics minibook (a print copy AND an e-book version)
  • a 100% money back guarantee – it’ll be well worth the investment or your money back!

Contact Jane and Stephanie now to discuss how they can help you produce amazing reports that will really make your work shine.


Dr. Jane Davidson


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Dr. Stephanie Evergreen


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