coaching: hit the ground running

“Yikes! I’m in a new job and I’m supposed to do (or, oversee) evaluation. Where do I start?”

Most people take at least six months to get right up to speed in a new position. That doesn’t just feel like downtime for both the new employee and their organization; it is downtime!

Think about it: It can cost the organization six months or more of your salary before they start seeing any real return on investment.

Do the math … Even in a $60k job, that’s a $30k cost to the business!

What would it be worth to have you “hit the ground running” in your new position, to start adding really serious value in your first few weeks?

That’s right; it’d be GOLD!

Jane has coached, trained, educated, mentored, and accelerated brand new evaluators as well as those with solid experience.

Sign up now for a six month Hit the Ground Running package! You will get:

  • productive, cut-to-the-chase half-hour calls with Jane, 26 to use as and when you need over a 6-month period, by phone or Skype
  • Jane’s Actionable Evaluation Basics minibook (a print copy AND an e-book version)
  • a 100% money back guarantee – it’ll be well worth the investment or your money back!

Contact Jane now to discuss how she can save your organization a fortune by getting you up to speed on evaluation faster than you ever thought possible.

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