coaching: insightful evaluative analysis & reasoning

“Yikes! How do I make sense of all this evidence?”

Have you ever felt overwhelmed and stressed about how you’re going to make sense of a mountain of evidence in a way that actually answers high-level questions and makes sense to those who will be using your findings?

Or, worse, been deeply embarrassed when you’ve plunged a huge amount of work into your analysis but your clients still don’t seem to think they got straight answers to their most important questions?

Social science training is great for teaching us how to break questions down and gather relevant evidence. But it is woefully inadequate for teaching us how to pack it all back together to get coherently reasoned answers.

What would it be worth to have your clients absolutely RAVING about your crystal clear analysis and reasoning? To be asking you to please bid on this next project too?

That’s right; it’d be GOLD!

Jane has literally been a world leader in developing the methodologies and showing people how to do sound evaluative analysis and reasoning. She has coached, trained, and educated hundreds of new and experienced evaluators around the world in how to do this with confidence.

This is not about qualitative and quantitative data analysis; these are the essential evaluation-specific methodologies and know-how that are missing from almost every evaluator’s toolkit.

Sign up now for a six month Insightful Evaluative Analysis & Reasoning package! You will get:

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  • a 100% money back guarantee – it’ll be well worth the investment or your money back!

Contact Jane now to discuss how she can help you cut through the sea of qualitative and quantitative evidence to deliver direct, straight-to-the-point, well-reasoned answers to what clients really need to know.

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