In-house Capability

Build your own team of Real Evaluation ninjas.

Got a great in-house team that needs to expand its repertoire? Team members who are new to evaluation? A brand new team or a challenging new project?

Help them hit the ground running with some hands-on practical support and professional learning designed around the live projects you are working on right now.

Now you can get on with leading while we support your people to nail those projects.

Tools & Systems

Make the magic measurable.

Striving to achieve something important but intangible?

Genuine change simply doesn’t happen when you default to the same-old same-old metrics. Not even if you put them in a pretty dashboard!

Real Evaluation tools and frameworks are a smart blend of your content and context expertise with evaluative know-how.

Let’s get everyone on the same page about what success actually looks like when it happens.

Actionable Answers

No more wading through boring reports that are long on words and short on clarity. 

Introducing the “no head scratching” evaluation. 

Ask the most important questions and get straight-to-the-point, easy-to-understand, actionable answers. 

Share the magic with your funders, the media, your stakeholders, your communities. They will love you for it!