Dr. Jane Davidson

Dr. Jane Davidson is an internationally recognized evaluation thought leader, best known for developing evaluation rubrics as a methodology for drawing conclusions about quality and value. She has also made significant contributions in the areas of causal inference for qualitative and mixed methods, and in synthesis methodologies for evaluation.

Jane is sought after internationally as a speaker and workshop presenter for her signature approach of methodologically robust but refreshingly practical evaluation with breathtaking clarity. She has presented keynotes and invited workshops in the US, Canada, the UK, Denmark, Singapore, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

Jane is former Associate Director of the internationally recognized Evaluation Center at Western Michigan University, where she launched and directed the world’s first fully Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Evaluation. She was 2005 recipient of the American Evaluation Association’s Marcia Guttentag Award.

Jane is author of Evaluation Methodology Basics: The nuts and bolts of sound evaluation (2005, Sage), which has sold heavily in both the US and internationally as a graduate text and practitioner guidebook. She has also published two minibooks, Actionable Evaluation Basics: Getting succinct answers to the most important questions (2012; also available in Spanish and French) and Making the Important Measurable, Not the Measurable Important (with Joanne McEachen – this new minibook has received rave reviews from Michael Fullan, Michael Quinn Patton, and Gene Glass).

After 11 years in New Zealand contributing to the evaluation profession there, Jane recently moved back to the United States, and is now based in the Seattle area. There, she continues her Real Evaluation work, in addition to partnering with Joanne McEachen and The Learner First team on the evaluation-driven approach to educational systems change she and Joanne co-created.